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Originally Posted by AdamIsAdam View Post
Oh, and if it's the ignition switch, I have a new one ready to go in. I am NOT looking forward to that painful job so let's hope that's not my issue.
That is not a painful job. At all. The hardest part is just making a little tool that helps you unscrew the bezel from the dash, Then the switch just pulls out from the rear. On an ERA you have to grind down one of the little ceramic separators between the poles on the back of the switch because it hits the lip on the bottom of the dash. If your existing switch doesn't have that ground down then you can ignore that piece of advice. Other than that, an ignition switch switcheroo is a 15 minute job. Pulling the switch will also give you an appreciation for how unbelievably easy it is to hot wire a Cobra's ignition. Most of us could start your car without a key just as quickly as you can start it with one.
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