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I'm glad you guys like the idea. So I'll give you all the information I have but there is a caveat to it. The company I got the product from is called Radiantz out of OR. I called them and explained my idea/application, I had to eventually sketch something up and scan it over to them. It seemed like they understood and told me the sidefires were just the thing I needed but when the product came it came it was wrong. There is a right and left to this and they sent me two lefts. So I took photos and explained the error, they apologized and started work on a new one. It took a while but it eventually a new one correctly configured arrived, I tested it and it worked. I hate to make any permanent modifications to my car so I wanted to run the wires in to the trunk down the bottom of the roll bar support tube and cover it with black tape of some kind. I tried that a few different ways and it always looked like a hack job. Eventually I realized running it inside the roll bar was going to be the best way. So I drilled two holes and fished the wiring through. I bought grommets form Harbor freight for the holes. The grommet's depth was too thin for the roll bar wall thickness so I cut one side off of two grommets and glued it together to make one thicker one. It worked perfectly. I wired everything up and tried it out....half of the LED's were not lit on both sides, but if you touched them or moved them they worked intermittently. I took great care during installation to not pull on the LED's themselves so I was pretty confident I didn't do anything to damage them during install. I took photos of the problem and sent them to Radiantz, they said that they'd had some trouble with a resistor in that sidefire LED and weren't confident in it so they offered to refund my money. I told them that I had made permanent modification to my car based on their assurance that this was a great product and definitely the way to go for my application so no, I don't want a refund I would like a new product. I didn't want to pull all the wire and reconnect to the tail lights again so I requested they just send the LED's with about 12" of wire on them. They agreed and 2-3 weeks later I received them, soldered them up with the original wire and here we are. So that's a long story but I wanted to tell it because I don't know how receptive they will be to making up more of them. There is at least one other company that makes sidefire LED's that I found (can't recall the name) bu they'll only sell it in like a 50' roll and then you'd have to wire them up yourself, etc. This was going to be plan "B" for me if Radiantz didn't come through on this last one, thankfully they did. Hope this helps anyone thinking about doing this. I'm really happy with the result, hopefully they'll last.
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