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Originally Posted by Michael C Henry View Post
How did you attach the LEDs to your roll bar? What did you do and what did Radiantz do, to that end? I have a black painted functional roll bar with thick walls so I think Id use a small squirt of black RTV (silicone adhesive) for the wire pass through hole. With these LEDs do you use two wires each hot and ground? Any other details? Life is one thing after another to overcome.

( R=room T= temperature V= vulcanizing)

In the pictures I see that you have the lift dot s for a soft top with and a little higher than normal roll bar with a rear brace leg that come through the deck looks like it is outside the natural curve of the lift dot fasteners. What did you do to the soft top to accommodate the rear brace leg? I'm looking for pictures for the upholster that is handling my soft top situation.

The LED's are attached to the roll-bar with a 3M tape that came on them. Radiantz made up a roughly 6' long wiring harness with four wires, a hot and a ground for each LED and shrink wrapped it. I had to cut some of the shrink tube off to run the wires to the passenger side and then I wired each LED to a taillight (so they blink when the blinkers are on as well). If I had it to do over I probably would ask them to leave the shrink wrap off but send it along and I would do it myself where I wanted it rather than having to cut portions of it off.
As I said I made up a grommet from ones I bought at Harbor freight so I didn't use any RTV. Hope that helps with your questions.

As far as your other question, I have the lift dots but I don't have a soft top. I use them for a tonneau cover so I can't help you there.
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