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I've had a Cobra Valley "polyglass" (polycarbonate) windshield on my car for about 2 years. I've put on at least 10K miles, and probably more. There is a minor bit of mini-pitting and one maybe 1/16" nick where a sizeable hunk of something hit. No doubt, a glass windshield would not have survived nearly as well. I live in Southern AZ and we have more dust and grit in the air than less arid areas. I also drove on a 5400 mile jaunt last summer with probably close to 1000 miles through the desert. The pitting has not caused any issues but is visible with oncoming headlights. Nothing bad, just noticeable. I don't have wipers but I do use anything handy to clean the windshield. Nothing special. I don't have any swirl marks as I would have had with softer plastics. I'm satisfied and can't imagine ever having to install another windshield My 2.
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