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Hi Jeffgrice,
The CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FOR A VEHICLE provide by A&C Autos has a VIN that looks like this:
The XXXX in the front and rear of the 1967COBRA are the build number of the body, which is also the invoice number of the purchase.
Not knowing the state in which it was titled in and how they may or not use this VIN.
My state of ILLINOIS assigns its own VIN. That's if its titled as a specially constructed vehicle following the procedures set by the Secretary of State. Other in my state have been able to title their specially constructed vehicles at the Secretary of State facility by using the just the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FOR A VEHICLE provided by A&C Autos and the VIN on the certificate was used.
I looked at your pictures closely and what I can see when looking at the front suspension and hood hinge area is that the frame appears to be that of a A&C Autos. Also the roll bar height is lower than any other kit car supplier, 10.5" off the rear deck. Lower than the windshield. A&C Autos Cobra and Shell Valley are both 1967 models and resemble each other. The body also looks like the high luster gelcoat finish A&C Autos has as an option. The color looks just like my. Not sure if any of this helps. Close up pictures of the radiator support would help identify the frame difference between A&C Autos and Shell Valley frame. I have attached a photo of the chassis for a A&C Autos cobra. You can compare this to Shell Valleys on their web site. Good luck.
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