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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
This is what the Whipple Twin Screw kit looks like;

The throttle body uses a 132 mm blade and Whipple claims 700 HP and 750 ft/lbs of torque which I believe to be quite conservative. The kit comes with an oversized intercooler built into the intake manifold and a manifold so the kit amounts to essentially a bolt on plus tuning.

My little 4.6L engine with a smaller 2.3L blower at only 17 lbs of boost produces over 650 hp at the tire which is a little north of 750 at the flywheel. I suspect 700 HP out of a 7.3L engine with a later generation 3.0L blower is a gross understatement, sort of like a walk in the park with one hand tied behind it's back. My suspicion is that waaaay more torque and HP is easily available on pump gas.

This raises the obvious question of just because you can, should you? 650 HP at the tire is significantly silly power in cars this small and this light. The throttle response of a Cobra with a little 4.6L engine and an older 2.3L Whipple is significantly greater than that of my Tesla set on kill.

Although this sort of engine option fits into the stupid silly power level category, it is still an interesting choice especially if your right foot is capable of more than an on and off sort of gas pedal operation. A good aftermarket EFI system with traction control will go a long ways towards making this a safe sort of option.


p.s. Here is a Ford promo pic of the n/a OEM version of the engine;

I couldn't find dimensions but it appears to approximate the size of an FE engine. Ford says it weighs 737 lbs as pictured and costs $8,150 MSRP through Ford.
With those manifolds you could do a slabside with under car exhaust and have a real sleeper. Hmmm...
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