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Originally Posted by KDubU View Post
Will it truly fit? There are a number of things attached to the bottom pan that would make me nervous. Personally I don’t see the need for an engine like this in a Cobra as it is designed for torque so that tells me it’s more truck than car engine. Plus you don’t need this much HP.

You should build a suitably small, low torque engine for your Cobra that will make you happy. This kind of engine is obviously not your cup of tea. That doesn't mean it is not someone else's.

When you build an engine there are all kinds of options that open up to you as the builder. The 'things' attached to 'the bottom pan' that would make you nervous may or may not be necessary and may or may not be relocatable.

Most importantly because this engine is obviously not suitable for you, those items are not necessarily an issue. For those of us who value torque, horsepower and reasonable cost. this might be a much better fit than for you.

In the end we should all do what makes us happy, including you. After all, that is why we decided to 'build' a custom version of these cars specifically for ourselves in the first place.

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.
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