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Originally Posted by olddog View Post
I would still say that Hp/$ the 385 series stroked is hard to beat. In fact a good set of heads, cam, and intake on standard 460 will make all the Hp and Torque the average guy can handle, for a very reasonable cost. The only problem is it takes a big shoe horn to slide one in.

Windsor stroker costs more, but fits a lot easier.

I have no idea if this new engine can be stuffed in, but the price tag is attractive enough to give it some thought.

If I was going to go for maximum performance in terms of weight and handling, I would go aftermarket 5.0 Windsor block with twin turbo set up. However I don't think any of these belongs in 427 Cobra, but they would all run well, and that's up to the owner to decide what they want.
One BIG benefit of going 385 series is the engine was introduced in 1968 and produced for nearly 30 years. Not only are there a LOT of them out there (mostly in trucks), but the aftermarket has had lots of time and experience to develop and produce better components that are time-tested, reliable, etc. There's also plenty of engine builders with lots of experience building 800 HP, NA pump gas engines - and more.

The new Godzilla engine has the advantage of being a nice package from Ford that's probably going to be solid, but it will take time for the aftermarket and engine builders to get 1/4 of the way they already are with 385 engines.

My $0.02, FWIW.
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