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Originally Posted by twobjshelbys View Post
I think I see. But will this version be any less effective?
For this particular application? No. I was pointing out general safety wire "rules" that could cause the safety to indeed be less effective, depending on what the safety is securing. You don't want two pieces of the wire to touch, because vibration can cause the wire to weaken and eventually fail. Same with the number of twists per inch. Twisted too tightly can cause stress on the wire and lead to failure. A pigtail that is not curled back into the fastener, or out of the way can snag on moving parts, or you. This forum to for sharing information. I think Patrick did a fine job for someone who hasn't done a lot of safety wiring. In this case, I highly doubt any of the things I pointed out would lead to any problems, except maybe catching a finger on the pigtail. My comments were not meant as criticism, just general knowledge for the group.
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