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Originally Posted by Alfa02 View Post
If any club member's go, could you please give the "Zoomer" Pete Lovely's car AKA the "Lovely" a pat on the nose. I have secretly been trying to buy it from Drew (A great guy that owns The Cobra Experience) A big thanks go out to my friends, Lynn Park, and Butch Dennison for trying to put the deal together But it look's like we're too far apart money wise, I would have to sell one of my Cobras, which is out of the question Would love to have the "Zoomer" back in the PNW, where it belongs Cheers TommyRot
Tommy, do you know of any photos of how the exhaust runs on that thing? Maybe next time I'm over there I'll ask to pull the ropes aside and get in there and take some photos and promise not to touch anything. It's never positioned well enough to get a good view of both sides of the motor.
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