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I bought my car back in 99,and one of the first things I had to do was have new headers made. I ended going back to EM when they were in Florida. i was told to box up my headers, collectors and mufflers and ship them to EM One piece for each side. EM welded the pipes then cut the header exit collectors to separate like the pipes they make. Turned out the engine was off set making 3/4" difference side to side. i ended up using some thick copper plate, hole sawed the holes and bolted together with the collector to filed to fit and match. I heated the mess to anneal and used all the bolts. I had both exhaust flange bolt patterns (Mustang-Fairlane and truck-full sized car. The header flanges did not have the outer most bolt holes so i was able to use 14 bolts per side Stage * the Chevy" 1" long 3/8 bolts and copper gaskets. No leaks since.
I used the SS V flanges and lengths of 3 1/2" exhaust pipe all TIGGED together Three sets of mufflers and Car Chemistry disk units in the collectors to extend collectors, mufflers all rear ward near the rear tires I then had everything ceramic coated inside and out.
Mike H
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