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I pulled the bowl off to inspect. The float looks fine and does not have a hole in it because I can shake it and hear no fluid inside. I submersed it in water and saw no bubbles. I then submersed the entire bowl assembly with float and needle into a glass bowl of water and the float closed the needle and stopped rising right where it should according to the sight glass. I blew into the fuel inlet with the needle open and then turned the bowl upside down so that the float closed the needle. Free flow of air with it open; no flow of air with it closed. The rubber conical stopper at the top of the needle looks fine.

Dunno, maybe by removing the bowl I dislodged whatever was keeping the needle open. Gonna re-assemble and see what happens. First need to get a new bowl gasket.

If I want to replace the needle/seat assembly, how do I figure out which one I need? Summit racing has tons on their website. Search by using the Holley part number?
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