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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
The windscreen frame is a soft aluminum, I believe, and quite flexible. Some of the screws used to attach or hold things together, I suspect but don't know with certainty, abrade against the edge of the glass producing a fracture point much like scribing a line on a glass pane with a glass cutting scribe. Sooner or later a bump in the road pushes the windshield against the offending fastener once to often and you have a cracked windshield.

Indeed. It is some of the screws that hold on the side wings that are usually a tad too log and can go beyond the frame and then touch the glass. It doesn't take much when the frame flexes for it to touch the glass from the side and crack it. When removing one of those mounted to the frame always put the screws back in the same location and don't overtighten wne replacing them.
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