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Originally Posted by BB 67 Corvette View Post
Don't get me wrong, the SPF Cobra is a quality replica, but the "value" most owners ascribe to them, especially members of SCOF, is crazy and self serving. I bought my small block SPF Cobra in June for $38.5k. My car had 7k miles and was in excellent condition. My buddy in Texas bought a mint big block SPF Cobra for $44k. If a Buyer is patient, they can find a nice SPF small block for around $40k and a nice SPF big block for around 45k. Paying $60k to $70k for these used REPLICA cars is, in my opinion, ridiculous and paying $80k to 90k for a new REPLICA is even crazier. I got into a discussion about the value of these SPF Cobra's on the SCOF Board and was immediately attacked by the SCOF Administrator and his "Cronies" who said used SPF Cobra REPLICAS were worth in the $60k to $70k range (it seems some SCOF members "broker" cars for a profit) . They also talked about "upgrades" sold by a Company the Administrator owns, and the value they add to the SPF Cobra. I questioned the value of these upgrades and whether they were even needed. I also posted real ads for SPF Cobra's for sale at reasonable prices to assist members looking for a car. As a result of my actions and opinions, I was kicked off the SCOF Board. I was told that SCOF is a private organization and my membership was being revoked, without a refund, because I could not get along with other members, and that I had no recourse. It was obvious to me that I was being kicked off the SCOF Board because I didn't agree with their self serving opinions. My point is, don't believe the "hype" on used SPF Cobra values. There are SPF Cobra deals out there if you are patient, and you DON'T have to pay $60k+ for a used one.
What you speak of is not just with SPF owners or their organization, get any group of like manufacturer owners together, FFR, ERA, Contemporary, Emerson, Kirkham, CSX (original and continuation ), Unique, A&C, CMC, etc and so forth and start talking about values, and they all have that same "swarm" mentality. There is rumor that one site where they actually steers/guide the sellers to raise their prices when the car is listed. Some say 5K, some say 20K, all that listen have their cars sitting for months, then either lowering their asking price, or quietly taking a lower offer as they watch other cars around them selling quicker. Once again, not slight on any of the owners or their groups, or the admins of the web site I speak of, just stating what I personally have experienced with my interactions with all of them both in the present, and the distant past......

Bill S.

PS: There is one Contemporary owner in PA, he lurks here, he has well over 80K in the car, only 300 miles on it, and when he is ready, expects to get every dollar out of the car he put into it...Every dollar.
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