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Originally Posted by mrmustang View Post
What you speak of is not just with SPF owners or their organization, get any group of like manufacturer owners together, FFR, ERA, Contemporary, Emerson, Kirkham, CSX (original and continuation ), Unique, A&C, CMC, etc and so forth and start talking about values, and they all have that same "swarm" mentality. There is rumor that one site where they actually steers/guide the sellers to raise their prices when the car is listed. Some say 5K, some say 20K, all that listen have their cars sitting for months, then either lowering their asking price, or quietly taking a lower offer as they watch other cars around them selling quicker. Once again, not slight on any of the owners or their groups, or the admins of the web site I speak of, just stating what I personally have experienced with my interactions with all of them both in the present, and the distant past......

Bill S.

PS: There is one Contemporary owner in PA, he lurks here, he has well over 80K in the car, only 300 miles on it, and when he is ready, expects to get every dollar out of the car he put into it...Every dollar.
Thanks Bill. You hit the nail on the head! During my value discussions on the SCOF Board one member told me about situations where people advertising their SPF Cobra for sale on ebay were contacted and told they were asking too low of a price and they should raise it. These people are trying to create a market that doesn't exist. Some of them broker cars so their statements are self serving in an attempt to "hook" a potential buyer to pay pay $60k - $80k for a used SPF Cobra which is, in my opinion, RIDICULOUS! As you say, these overpriced cars sit for months and never sell, or quietly sell for 25% less than the original asking price. Don't listen to the hype about sales values, especially on the SCOF Board. I paid $38.5k for a one owner 7,000 mile red/white mint Superformance Cobra and there are other fair prices out there if you are patient.
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