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It has been my experience that there is no such thing as a normal, set, or reasonable price. In the end there are two parties. One party wishes to sell, the other wishes to buy. How badly does the seller want or need to sell it? This could be impacted by how much they owe on it. How badly does the buyer want this item? This will be impacted by other options available to them, as well as what resources they have to spend. The so called value of the item is only a point to start the negotiations.

Auctions are just as arbitrary. It greatly depends on who is there and how interest they are in that particular item. I was at an auction where two idiots locked horns and one ended up buying a shovel at 3 times what I could buy it at a local hardware store. At the same auction a nice antique piece of furniture went for $20. That said the person who got it for $20 may have bid to $500 if I had jumped in. I'll never know.

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