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Originally Posted by incoming View Post
I have experience with both Lexan and Poly windshields. I ride a Harley FXRT and need taller than stock windshields. Have had it many years. I also work in the commercial kitchen equipment industry and have a lot of sneeze guards and such custom cut and bent.

I personally wouldn't use either unless absolutely necessary for a car unless she's a trailer queen.

Through experience on long rides, my windshield comes off with a couple of screws and goes into the bathtub at the motel to soak to remove bugs.

Poly is a little better but not much.

I do use a silicone based stuff given to me to clean my windshields. Looks like old school Armor All. Supposed to make stuff not stick to it.

Is there a hidden reason you are cracking windshields?
You do know Lexan is polycarbonate right? Lexan is just a brand name for polycarbonate.

There are different grades of polycarbonate. Scratch resistant Lexan M10 is what you should be using.
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