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I carry a California Car Covers "Plushweave" with
the cotton flannel lining. These are sewn as a perfect
fit to any Cobra after going through a guided menu.
Softest lining and does not scratch the paint but
intended for indoors.

If it rains I just throw a Cal Car Covers SMALL plastic
disposable cover over the top of the Plushweave.
Rain stops, throw the disposable away and the Plushweave
remains dry. Plastic cover never touches paint or pipes.
Also, rain usually brings wind so a couple of bungie cord
wraps can also be used over the top of the disposable
plastic cover to hold everything down. The Plushweave
underneath will protect against any potential rubbing.
The disposable comes in a very small pouch and can be
stored in the trunk. I like to have these available as
dust/debris covers if it goes to a service shop.



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