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Originally Posted by hauss View Post
Well it happened again. I was accelerating hard in third gear, getting on the freeway, tried to shift to 4th and could not tried 5th then 4th then 3rd and finally got it in 5th and limped home Took it apart watched a bunch of tremec videos on the web ordered the parts needed {surprisingly not to expensive} and rebuilt the transmission. This time I paid close attention to the gear cluster on the bottom and added sims. It was out of spec. Not sure if this is what caused the 5th gear reverse pin to crack in half but this is the second time it has happened. All the gears and the syncros are like new. I am using pennzoil synchromesh and the transmission shifts great for me usually no issues. Any thoughts why this keeps happening? Just wondering what would cause this to happen other than a bad part or poor design their are two holes drilled though the pin one for the finger and one for the roll pin that holds the finger in place. Car has only 7300 miles
Do you have any pics of this failure?

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