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Originally Posted by hauss View Post
Don"t know why paul is not a fan it has larger gears than a top loader
From what I remember, I think a couple reasons.

the brass synchro rings, directly linked to the output shaft, are there to gradually bind on the cone surface of the gears, to "synchronize" the speed of the gears and counter gears to the speed of the output shaft, so you can smoothly engage the gears when shifting. The heavier the gears / counter shaft gears are, the harder it is for the synchro rings to change the speed of the gears / counter gears, slowing the shift. So lighter gears, by definition, should shift smoother and faster.

The TKO has I believe a 3 rail internal shifter arrangement, where as the T5, and T56 are single rail / common rail, theoretically smoother for performance shifting.
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