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Originally Posted by BB 67 Corvette View Post
In my opinion going the "roller" route is insane. You can buy a nice low mileage Big block for far less the the price of a "roller". These rollers are advertised at $55k+ and most are not selling and have been advertised for months. The ones that are selling, are quietly selling far below the advertised price. Like I said, be patient. I'm confident you can find a great car in the $40's. I will continue to look for you and send you anything that looks promising.
Do we have to have this spill over into another topic? It's like summer re-runs. We already know your low opinion of pricing but there's no value in repeating and dragging another topic into the weeds. Let's just help DWRAT find a car.

But this is summer reruns.

Looking for a SPF

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