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I got mine cheap, low 40s, CA sb100 though 38k miles. Nothing on a normal car, I suppose not too bad for an spf except the little stone chips.

Part of the fun is fixing these if you don't mind doing the work yourself.

The trans leak is either the output seal or input flange, or oil migrating back from the engine (probably valve cover gasket in that case).

I fixed both leaks in my tko600 for about 30 bucks.. but it required pulling the trans from the top (a strong friend helps).
My valve cover gaskets were also leaking.

As I combed through my car, it also needed the upper rear suspension heim joints, new clutch slave and bracket (old one had weird wear from being offset), and a new starter (old one worked but was weak).
And I had to make a new fuel tank sender gasket.

The rest of the upgrades were for fun.. RT suspension, playing with the air filter, swapping the coil (msd oil coil installed on its side wasn't giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling), new shifter (may as well when the trans is out).

4500 miles isn't much, but in my experience cars that sit for long periods tend to leak, dried seals and all.

On this car, I'd definitely go with a wood steering wheel and 15" tires.

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