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Originally Posted by DWRAT View Post
Thank you very much for this listing.
I am current high bidder so PLEASE, no one else bid........
BTW, I love everything about this car EXCEPT the oil leaks.
I just have to accept Furds leak oil.

Very nicely executed SPF, DWRAT. I don't know if you saw the VOSS sticker underhood in one of the pics or not. Excellent high end SPF installer. The front suspension looks like someone did a fair amount of work on it. My guess is it was done to optimize bump steer.

BTW the transmission in one of the pics has a Rockland Gear Tranzilla sticker on it. The write up says it is a TKO 600. I originally believed the sticker in the picture. When I compared the side view of the pictured transmission to a T-56 picture from Tremec it was clear it is not a Tranzilla or a T-56 based unit. Most likely a Rockland Gear supplied or modified TKO 600 still pretty nice.

Very nice car, hope you are the winning bidder.

Help them do what they would have done if they knew what they could do.

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