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Originally Posted by AdamIsAdam View Post
Has anyone spoken to the owner/seller? This is obviously too good to be true.

The ad shows the car is in New York City, but the pics are clearly in a suburb. I live on Long Island and that house in the pics does not look like anything in the Northeast because of the driveway being concrete. I know I could be wrong, but most driveways are either blacktop due to cost, or really nice pavers when money is no object (or a combination thereof). And almost always with Belgium blocks lining the edges.

Maybe someone can somehow find the ad... wait... google is my friend.


This is the ad where this Craigslist ad was pulled from. And I KNEW that house looked familiar:

It's the owner of Vanguard Motor Sales' house in MI (not in NY).


But hey, if you want, I can sell you guyz da Brooklyn Bridge.

(Tommy, I heard your vm msg. Happy to help any way I can.)
Thanks AdamIsAdam,
Very impressed with your research ability.
I will look you up if I even need something solved in the future.
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