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Default Cobra is on the road!

Finally got past all of the inspection, registration, titling, and whatever other red tape the state threw at me. I couldn't believe some of the hoops I had to jump through, but it is over. She's now street legal and I took it for a drive!

What an absolute banshee this Coyote is. It has that sweet SBF / 302HO firing order sound, but then the 32v/mod motor make it also sound sort of like an exotic at the same time. It's a cool sound in my opinion, until it starts to wind up and becomes deafening. I have to do something about these mufflers. Even at about 1/3 throttle the thing is obscenely loud above about 3 or 4000 RPM. It sounds cool when turning up and not under heavy load, but otherwise it is a bit excessive. Maybe I will get earplugs.

I'm thinking maybe this winter I will ditch these pesky slip joints for flanges, and swap the muffler to the Flow Master 13530320. Anyone have experience with these or others?

I'm also finding all the little things I need to revisit- like some of the latches and whatnot are not quite adjusted and have a slight rattle, the dash i thought was totally secure and feels secure but it has a slight rattle somewhere or another, too. I guess that will be part of the fun this winter.

AND I need to get a radio

Anyway, thank you to you guys on this forum. I saved a lot of time and frustration seeing all of the builds and trying to avoid reinvention of the wheel as best as I could!

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