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Default Turbo advise

Is this normal?

I tried holding the engine at a steady 1500 RPM in park, no load. I can get it to hold steady below 1500 RPM, but cannot choose what RPM it will hold a steady speed. Trying to control it above 1500 rpm is not possible. It will just keep climbing and if you try to back off the throttle a hair it will drop like a rock. If you target about 1600 rpm and lock the throttle by putting your foot against the tranny tunnel it will climb to 4000+ (I let off the throttle as I do not want to free rev it any higher). The higher the rpm the more rapidly it will climb. It seems like it is the turbo spinning up and moving more air through the throttle plate.

This is a 2.0 ltr 4 cylinder eco boost in a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. It has both port and direct injection. It is a variable vane turbo, designed to keep the turbo rpm high at light load to eliminate turbo lag.
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