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I find it quite interesting that the aftermarket resellers are finally calling out the TKO for it's long standing bad shifting manners, bad manners that it has always had. Interestingly, however, this flood of sincerity and concern for us only occurs now that there is available a higher priced, upgraded TKX 5 speed they want us to buy.

The idea of correcting the second to third gear interlock timing on the shift rails (as Liberty has done) or providing double and triple cone synchronization (like a T-56 Magnum) instead of 50 year old small diameter brass synchronizer rings, no one else uses, in this class of transmission, somehow never occurred to Tremec. I wonder why? While we are wondering, it is also curious why they never corrected the third gear misalignment between the mainsheet and countershaft in the TKO 600 — again, I wonder why?

Don't forget the same Tremec guys that told you the TKO did not have shifting problems are now telling you the TKO shifting problems (that didn't previously exist) have now been eliminated in the TKX — or at least they say they have. Tremec used to come up with all manner of obscure, sometimes inane, but always never before heard of, explanations they maintained caused the shifting problems. Not surprisingly none of these obscure explanations ever pointed at Tremec and all of them pointed at us, the end user or someone other than Tremec!

Why don't I trust these guys or a significant number of their resellers who denied the problems even existed for decades?

At $2795 I am not sure I would spend the money on a TKX. For only $400 more, my instincts,would be to go for a T-56 Magnum for its more attractive gear ratios and importantly, silky shifting manners.

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.

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