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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
A regular old TKO-600 is $2831 on Amazon. Is there any reason to buy the old version now?
I think not.

The pregnant choice question is, a new TKX or, a new T-56 (they're all Magnums now). The T-56 will require a new can and possibly some modifications for the slightly different tail shaft mount location on the trans — so you have the additional cost of the can but that is about it. Of course, don't forget the shifter will be just enough different in location to cause you some additional work.

Aside from the elegance of the shifting experience, the T-56 seems to have just about a perfect match between gear selection and road conditions no matter where you are. It is a very pleasant transmission to use in the car. On the flip side of the coin, the TKX has virtually identical ratios to the TKO with at most a single unit difference in the second decimal place of the gear ratio. What this means is you are spending $2,750 to fix a bad TKO design that produced an even worse shifting experience. It is worthwhile remembering that the Liberty fix very closely approximates the improved shifting experience for about $0.20 on the dollar (or less) for the parts assuming you do the install — which is eminently possible.

I am not sure the TKX purchase makes a lot of sense at all. The quality and strength of the T-56 is a light year ahead of the old TKO or the new TKX design. If you are going to spend $2,750 to correct a $500 problem why not spend an additional $400 (or less) and get a significantly better transmission.

The caveat here is, as some have suggested, the T-56 is too big to fit where the TKO fits. So far that does not seem to be an issue with Cobra replicas but that doesn't mean there might not be one out there somewhere that has a fitment issue. I tend to doubt it, however. That said the old carpenter adage about measure twice and cut once certainly applies.

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.

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