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Default Quick release wheel.

I know what you mean. I have 2 fake hips and a fake knee but don't have any extra weight. Getting in and out is a process I have mastered. A slightly smaller wheel helps. There are some threads on here showing the installation of quick release hubs. Installing one would allow you to keep the impractical original looking wheel. Here is a link to one. Good luck.

Quick detachable steering wheel


Originally Posted by Michael C Henry View Post
This all started when I had a soft top made and mounted to my replica. I have replaced my right knee and hip. I have retired and gotten fat. Getting in and out is a joke to watch now. I have noticed in a lot of photos points I never appreciated before. Like where the steering comes through the dash Mine is lower than some I've seen. The distances between the back of the steering wheel and the cowl vary. My steering wheel is 1 3/4" from the cowl. And that is with a flat steering wheel. I'm intent of changing my steering wheel and it's splined hub out for an "IDIDIT" Quick Release Steering Hub. The hubs come in 3, 5, and 6 bolt patterns I'm going with the 6 bolt pattern 70mm PCD same as MOMO, SPARCO, ISOTTA,NRG, FOREVER SHARP, and my choice FLASH POWER. I did not need or want t6he steering wheel any closer to my belly. It's present location works. Most 6 bolt pattern steering wheels are dished a minimum of 1 3/4" to over 4 1/2" to get a flat steering wheel I chose a 9 bolt FLASH POWER 15" OD and a 1/2 thick converter from 9 to 5 and 6 bolt patterns. It's great looking but it's riveted wood grip is slimmer than the leather covered wheel I'm replacing. My wife likes the new wood and polished aluminum steering wheel. The hub being replaced is 1 1/2" tall, The IDIDIT hub is 2" tall. The flat 15"OD Flash Power 9 bolt steering wheel and 1/2" thick spacer-converter 9 to 6 bolt is another 1/2" . So I figure the new QRSH and steering wheel with it's 9 to 6 bolt pattern converter- spacer moves the new steering wheel, 1 inch closer to me. It is only as of lately I found that some Originals had telescoping steering column for "fat Americans"
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