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I think the TKO was the top pick for a Cobra. All things considered.

That said The high rpm shift is slow. It takes a bit of time for the synchronizers to do their job, and you can feel the shifter stop moving for a moment. A moment while your engine is free reving at 7000 feels like an eternity. I would compare it to the old bow tie Saginaw. The Muncy was far superior to it. Ditto on the top loader. The 2 - 3 shift is a real pain to shift fast. I gave up trying years ago.

So although I would recommend the TKO, there is nothing that sticks in your craw more than getting told there is nothing wrong with a product (the problem is your fault) and then the new model comes out bragging about the new model resolving all the problems you asked for support to fix on the old model that they had claimed had no problems. That is the reason for getting it off our chest or dissing them. I know that was a run-on sentence, but I had to blurt it out.
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