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Originally Posted by FredG View Post
I remember your old thread. I thought you were all dialed in.

Cross Weight, and stuff.

For the street, it seemed to be pretty good. This is the first time I've ever driven the car in anger. Nothing like an autocross to point out the weaknesses.

The brakes are excellent. Got to be careful not to lock the brakes when traction is a bit iffy.

The rear is amazing. You really have to work at it to get the rear to step out. The rear just hooks up and goes. To rotate the car you have to lift, then blip the throttle. A very quick up-down-up. Otherwise it will just push the car in a straight line.

Originally Posted by tocheck View Post
How old are your tires?
The front are only 3 years old, 9,000 miles, Nitto NT-05; a 200 tire. The rears are new this year. Nitto NT-05, a 140 tire.
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