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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
Meant to add this thought earlier but was suffering's brain fade.

The engine as delivered by Ford is around 10.3:1 or 10.5:1 c/r which is a little frisky for supercharged gas. If you want to run boost in the mid to high teens you probably want to pull the compression back to 8.5:1 or maybe 9:1 max. Moreover the n/a gas pistons in the OEM build would need some vitamin "C" for a supercharged application.

Places I would look to strengthen would be the skirts, dropping the top ring to get it away from the supercharged inferno in the combustion chamber. Increasing the ring package spacing for better seal and performance. Tool steel wrist pins and probably some sort of aftermarket rod replacement for the increased torque.

Still at an $8,150 crate MSRP with a real price somewhere lower than that, even with the price of the Whipple this becomes a very attractive engine alternative with a mountain of torque and power.

Without knowing the design very well, 10.3 and a supercharger on 93 pump gas is nothing these days. I have 11.2:1 and run 11 psi with meth injection and have no issues on 93. You could easily run 8-9 psi on pump with that compression. I had 15 psi on my engine with 10.7 and meth/water injection. Finding the right cam would probably be a bigger issue than adding the supercharger.
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