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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
The reason you can run that boost with your compression is the water/meth injection. That substantially raises the octane of your 93 octane gas so as to prevent detonation. Without the meth injection you would be forced to pull timing to prevent detonation. As you pull timing your engine power output plummets spectacularly offsetting the reason you elected to supercharge in the first place.

Yes, I know that, but most modern engines can easily run 8-9 psi on that compression ratio. On the engine I had 10.7 CR, I didn't even have the water/meth coming on to 10 psi, nor did I pull the timing as bad as you claim.

The numbers you are posting were good 20-25 years ago, but not today. If you are going to run 17 psi, yes, drop the CR, but most people aren't going to spin that SC that fast.
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