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This is a short video of Ken Montgomery's Triple Nickle 1965 Hemi Belvedere -4 Speed - 9.21ET at 148mph on a 1/4 mile drag strip

Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
Chrysler came up with a non synchronized version of the transmission for racing only that later would become known as a crash box. Below is an in car video of Ken Montgomery and his rare, for 1965, four speed A-833 crashbox version of the transmission. The more you approximate the way Ken can shift, the more problems you will have with the TKO. BTW Ken passed on a few years ago but his car and his shifting are impressive, even today.

Here is the video (below), a little eye and ear candy for the racer in you.

Click here => Ken Montgomery

WOW !!! Very Cool !!!
If his belvedere is one of the original super stocks, 1 of 100, it is a pretty rare piece of history, especially the 4-speeds which I think they made about 10 of them. Acid dipped body panels, bumpers, etc, aluminum head hemi !!!
"After jumping into an early lead, Miles pitted for no reason. He let the entire field go by before re-entering the race. The crowd was jumping up and down as he stunned the Chevrolet drivers by easily passing the entire field to finish second behind MacDonald's other team Cobra. The Corvette people were completely demoralized."
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