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The "GORILLA CLEAR GLUE" is a product I discovered just a couple of years ago. I had done the "Super Glue", and the Urethane glue with the foam up and clean up routine. The Gorilla Clear Glue Is a clear, thick honey like fluid. No strong smells from off gassing. Seems to air dry slowly without a lot of mass loss, becoming rubbery and not hard. If you get any on your TEE shirt, It does not come out. The spots are stiffer than the shirt material with out glue but not so uncomfortable that you have to cut out those spots I get glue on everything as a rule. Make sure you keep putting the cap on the bottle when done, the bottle easily to knock over and it comes out slowly. I tend to notice the mess too late to benefit. I have used a razor blade window scraper to remove drips I made on the kitchen table. I have several just for work shirts now.
Mike H
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