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Originally Posted by stephen low View Post
I'm too looking are rejuvenation of what I think is an XJ6 diff under my car. I'll be using that pictorial guide to help identify what I might have installed.

But the question for me is, can you get new replacement bits for these diffs to do a proper overhaul, and I mean such as the crown and pinion gears, let alone any bearings and seals?

I've asked the same question on the Jag forum but awaiting a response.

Any ideas?
The easiest thing to do if find a Dana 44 carrier. You can find them pretty cheap used all over the place as they made them for years. Be sure you get the correct tooth count as there is a 19 tooth axle and a 30 tooth. Get a set of Dana 44 gears and install them with shims instead of the collapsible sleeve used on the original Jag carrier. The split is different on a Jag versus a Dana. The Jag splits at 3.54 and the Dana 44 splits at 3.70. The Dana uses 3/8" ring gear and the Salisbury uses 7/16". You can use the Salisbury carrier with the Dana gears, but you need to find spacers or shoulder bolts. There are companies that make them.
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