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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
If you enjoyed that you might get a kick out of this also. My partner and I owned a 1963 light weight front end Max Wedge Plymouth and a 1964 Dodge Coronet with the llight weight Hemi package (fenders, doors, glass etc.). The '63 car won the AHRA Summer Nationals at Gil Kohn's Long Island National Speedway on Woodstock weekend.

Here is a pic of the car at the meet somewhere near the top of first gear,

etc !!!

Back in those days we would tow the '63 to the track with either my partner Joe's daily driver which was a '66 396/375 Chevelle SS or my daily driver which was a '66 Hemi Satellite.

I can't believe how hard we worked to enjoy racing during those years. Youth is a wonderful time even if we whern't too smart

WOW !! What great memories ! Fantastic ! So, is your partner still around ? talk much ? what happened to the cars ?
"After jumping into an early lead, Miles pitted for no reason. He let the entire field go by before re-entering the race. The crowd was jumping up and down as he stunned the Chevrolet drivers by easily passing the entire field to finish second behind MacDonald's other team Cobra. The Corvette people were completely demoralized."
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