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A little Tremec history .

The Tremec Company purchased the manufacturing rights to some of Ford's manual transmissions in the mid-Seventies and continued to build the Toploader, along with a three-speed unit, in Mexico for many OE production applications in Europe and elsewhere. During these years, Tremec was also inventing the TR-3550 five-speed that was later featured in the 1995 Mustangs Cobra R. Although this gearbox was originally designed for light commercial trucks, it found a home behind plenty of Ford's 5.0 engines after establishing a reputation for itself with Mustang enthusiasts as an excellent upgrade to the factory T-5 manual five-speed.When Tremec decided to increase the shaft sizes on both the input and output to strengthen the TR-3550 in 1994, the TKO series was born. By 1996, Tremec, now owned by Transmission Technologies, had purchased the transmission portion of Borg-Warner and used its steel gear designs to improve the TKO and produce a fifth-gear overdrive ratio of 0.83:1. New TKO-500 and -600 transmissions with a first gear ratio of 3.27:1 and an overdrive fifth gear ratio of 0.68:1 were released during 2004. The latest offering has performed exceptionally well in some 600-plus-lbs.ft. drag-race applications. It performed so well, in fact, that Tremec discontinued the TR-3550 and earlier versions of the TKO-500 and -600 in 2004 and '05.
"After jumping into an early lead, Miles pitted for no reason. He let the entire field go by before re-entering the race. The crowd was jumping up and down as he stunned the Chevrolet drivers by easily passing the entire field to finish second behind MacDonald's other team Cobra. The Corvette people were completely demoralized."
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