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Default Ford GT backing the Blue

I was invited to the local PD officer driver training so naturally I took the Ford GT w headers and straight pipes. Good thing cus they had a sort of autocross. They gave me a Police driving instructor in my passenger seat. I helped into the 4 point harness.
We got to their course & he says you slalom these cones so naturally I nailed the throttle wide open and she roars like Godzilla and spits out fireballs as we go straight down the 1/8 mile drag strip so I guess I failed the slalom
He then tells me to break for the corner, where their Chevy Tahoe brakes, I smirked and pushed on flat out another 200 ft then we pulled a little G in the left hander.
They had a wider slalom which I had to do cus of trees then they had these really tight U turns which I had to back up to do.

2nd lap I hit the straight harder took the left hand harder and he was laughing. Went thru the slalom. Once we got to the U Turns I was like F this. It was basically a box of cones so I pulled slowly up to the end turned the wheel & slammed on full throttle and we went thru the U turns burning rubber, roaring, spitting fireballs while doing a series of controlled half spins . My Cop instructor was laughing like mad.

We got out and he shook hands and he was very happy. Other Cops were kidding he’s going to be depressed climbing into the Cop cars now.
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