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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
Joe is still around and kicking. He is retired these days. He was in Law Enforcement and retired as a Police Chief a number of years ago. We still talk and reminisce about the "good old days"

Sadly the cars were sold for pennies on the dollar compared to what they would be worth today. Both were original factors lightweight race only versions of the cars and were special to me. Depending who you talk to there were either 50 or 100 of these extraordinary cars that Chrysler ever made. The 64 car had one of the 2% relocated wheel bases that preceded the 1965 AFX versions that visibly moved the front and rear wheels substantially forward.

The '63 car was my favorite race car. It raced a total of 998 times and won 993 of those races. I have never had a car like it before or since.

The '64 car was just chock full of neat little race oriented features like the A100 seats, no rear seat, aluminum doors, no window crank mechanisms (a strap to pull up the window) plexiglass side windows, thin Corning glass rear window and a bunch of other nice race car .

fond memories ...
Good for you and joe !!

Did you purchase those cars new? Used? What years did you own/race them?
"After jumping into an early lead, Miles pitted for no reason. He let the entire field go by before re-entering the race. The crowd was jumping up and down as he stunned the Chevrolet drivers by easily passing the entire field to finish second behind MacDonald's other team Cobra. The Corvette people were completely demoralized."
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