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We were the second owners for both cars. The '63 was bought in '66 or '67 and the 64 was bought in '70. In fact we got the '63 the same year I bought my Street Hemi, so it had to be '66. I think we paid $1,500 (or less) for the '63 and about the same for the '64 — unbelievably good buys. For that matter, the Street Hemi was only $3,000 — brand new!

There were a total of four of us who pooled our resources to go racing. In the beginning we all took turns driving but Joe was clearly the best of all of us and in the end it was only him at the wheel. I did the engine and Greg and #4 who my old brain cells have sadly forgotten were enthusiastic extra hands that made the whole thing work.

In those days all of us only made about $100 a week. We were anything but bucks up racers. However those times and a few that followed became the memories of a lifetime for us.

The '63's original name was Donkey Freight and on the driver's side rear most corner of the trunk, the original owner painted a little inscription that said, ' We Haul A$$' (without the dollar signs) and with the image of a donkey high tailing it out of there. I liked the inscription enough that I sold everyone else on the idea of keeping it. Sadly, I can't recall the '64s original name anymore.

Fun times and fun years ...

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