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For now it seemed to work. I discovered that the later layer of the glue did not completely fuse with older cured layer. of glue. It could be separated with some effort. Just as well as I had added too much on the second and third layers were removed. The Gorilla Clear Glue dries to form a somewhat hard but rubbery layer. it does not scrape or sand worth a crap but it can be cut with a razor blade. I went back and added a small quantity of glue centered on the first, let it start to dry with a skin and then forced the emblem upon the soft mass, forming a slight mound that fits the curvature of the back of the emblem and let it cure. The horn button center was left with a mostly flat 1 1/2" shallow recess with a slight bulge in the center that fit the convex back of the 1 3/8" OD round "Scott Drake" Cobra emblem - insert. The Emblem has a layer of contact adhesive with a peel off 3M tape cover on the back. After the glue was set up i removed the emblem as the non stick peel off material was no fused to the glue. I peeled the non stick 3M layer off the emblem exposing the contact adhesive. I centered the emblem and applied with pressure. It looks like a factory original.
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