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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post
We shifted the MaxWedge at 6300 rpm, give or take, Rick. We shifted the Hemi at 7800 rpm, give or take. This is why I said I suspect there was considerable more performance to be had with the MaxWedge had we done some camshaft experimentation.

At that time Chrysler was 'sort of' like Ford over the last ten years with the Modmotor and the Coyote. Ford killed off all ModMotor performance parts availability from Dearborn and also in the aftermarket so the Coyote did not have a sibling competitor.

Chrysler did sort of the same thing but not as aggressively with the MaxWedge engine. The Hemi was their future, the MaxWedge was the girl they went to the dance with but did not come home with.

In the end the Hemi was obviously the more competitive of the two but that did not mean the MaxWedge was without merit. The engines and the cars were nothing short of stunning and I personally believed (as was later borne out) that the MaxWedge cars had a lot of performance potential that remained untapped for years.

You can never seem to find apples to apples data to prove anything in this world, however I think your experience agrees with my observations over time. The hemi had massive breathing capability, but it improved very little at low volume pumping rates. The Hemi didn't start paying dividends until the pumping rate was increased, either by rpm or cid. When they stroked them out to 500 cid and spun them ridiculously fast there was nothing that could compete with them at the time.

I also point at NASCAR back in the day. The Ford 427 FE SO held their own against the Hemi on some tracks and even eked out a win here and there. The Hemi heads were superior, but it couldn't take full advantage of that fact.

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