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Originally Posted by stephen low View Post
I'm too looking are rejuvenation of what I think is an XJ6 diff under my car. I'll be using that pictorial guide to help identify what I might have installed.

But the question for me is, can you get new replacement bits for these diffs to do a proper overhaul, and I mean such as the crown and pinion gears, let alone any bearings and seals?

I've asked the same question on the Jag forum but awaiting a response.

Any ideas?
Hello Slowy

In 2008 JagDaim did my diff for me using their secret sauce combination recycled parts and new seals and whatnot.

Has held up under severe provocation so I would suggest it's worthwhile giving them a call - they can probably give you a ball park over the phone

When I did mine they gave me a fixed price sight unseen and I just took the diff unit in and came back some days later.


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