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Originally Posted by ERA 626 View Post
For those of you thinking of using felpro exhaust gaskets... DONT DO IT!!! They are crap Garbage POS gaskets. I was about ready to nickname my car the popcorn machine due to the popping during de acceleration... then I noticed the horrible exhaust leaks. I will try the remflex gaskets. They are in the photo...Ill keep you posted. I needed to remove my side pipes anyway to have them re coated. The ceramic coat job that I had done TWICE was terrible. I am having them done a third time WTF!!!!
In #142 photos it appears that each header pipe has an outer pipe and inner pipe. I can see on #50 the ends of the side pipes.I'm assuming that the end of the side pipes go up in between these. Does the end of the side pipe seal on the ends of each pipe up inside? Any type of copper gasket that goes in there? Do they seal well enough for the EFI to not let any O2 in?

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