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Default Canuck 289 scratch build

Well now, OK where to start.

I have been actually working on this project for a couple of months or so but due to my slow typing abilities and reluctance to stop working on it to do said slow typing and crop and resize pictures to post I have not posted anything till now and I am sorry because I said I would start posting when I started asking questions about my mystery 289 body, it’s still a mystery by the way.
I figure I am at least a year behind on this project (or 20+ years) but these deadlines are self-imposed so who really cares. I could blame it on other projects in the shop and then on the COVID thing as I did kind of put the brakes on and “wait and see” for a bit but I am working on it again now.

My plan for this posting is to try and be less “wordy” (is that a word?)As I tend to ramble on and go into way to much detail about things and my slow typing skills just don’t help, sometimes just composing a proper email can be daunting for me. SO having said all that I do want to share with the group as you have all shared with me and I am grateful for all of the information and the great finds on our for sale listings.

So here is the deal, I will post the pictures I think are relevant and add some updates and comments and if you folks have any questions or want more information please ask and I will do my best to answer them.
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