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Originally Posted by SBSerpent View Post
Comparing the position of the rear wheels in the fender wells, I notice a disparity between DS and PS. My PS rear tire sits inward of the fender by almost 1" more than the DS tire. By inward, I mean towards the differential. It doesn't look obvious at first glance but once you focus on it, you can see the slight disparity. This is on a 2011 build #983. Would this just be a case where 'nothing is perfect' on these replicas and its just a matter of the body not properly positioned on the frame? Anything that can be done about it?
Are you sure it's not the camber? even a 1 degree difference between the two sides would make the top look visually more tucked in on one side vs the other.

You can confirm this by looking at the bottom of the wheels, does the PS (which sits more inward at the top) look like it sits more outward at the bottom vs the DS?
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