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Thanks for all the kind words folks,
we all need some encouragement from time to time and this is where I come to get it

As for the questions and comments,

The front uprights are 65' MGB that I just cleaned, painted and re bushed, the wire wheel hubs are of course from the same car as will be the steering rack and column. I had it available and I am about to find out if I can make it all work out. The rear hubs are from a 95' cougar with wheel adapters from MWS drilled to match my hubs. I am also planning on using the 8.8 diff as well but more on that later as the suspension progresses.

Hey Stu!
Nice to hear from you, we did meet briefly at the last Bracebridge car show, you were there with another Cobra owner, 2 beautiful cars side by side in the sunlight! When there is a bit more to see I will let you know.

And now a question of my own....

Does anybody know what the approximate ground clearance is under the main chassis tubes on a stock 289?

I would like to be close and it does figure into the suspension set up, currently I think I am high in the back at about 7 inches and about 6 in the front, but that was based on where the wheels sat in the wheel arches.

I think the chassis should be somewhat parallel to the road or is it higher at one end? The fronts always look high in pictures but I think that is an illusion created by the shape of the body.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I will go for the educated guess and just make sure my little screw jack fits under it. No point in having the spare if you can't use it.

Thanks friends, I will check back in soon
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