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The tires that I have are Hoosier TD-R's and the fronts are 25.5x8.5x15 and the rears are 26.5x9.5x15. You would not be able to use these tires, as although there is a DOT stamp on them, they are not street legal. They are a bias ply vintage racing tire. They grip well on a dry track and skate all over the place on a wet track. The rear tires are 11" wide and there are three grooves on that entire width! When new the depth of those grooves is about 1/16"; they do not channel a lot of water.

Your build sounds like it is coming along well. With the 1" lowering block in the front and a 1 1/2" lowering block in the rear my actual frame measurements to the ground are 4 1/4" at the front wheels and 5 3/4" at the rear. On the track that change made a significant change in handling corners at speed, but it would not do well on street conditions at that height in front.
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