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My cars original builder used four fans to cover the radiator two thermostatic sensors and adjustable switches dividing the upper pair and lower pair of fans and their controllers. I have incorporated Two Bausch relays. I also supply the current through circuit breakers I did have a problem with My attachment to the circuit breakers and the holder bracket. I used one nut per threaded post clamping the wire terminal end to the plastic breaker holder. That did not last the terminal got hot and melted the plastic enough to break the electric connection. When found that I repaired the melted plastic areas and used two nuts per threaded post off the breakers to the first nut holds the circuit breakers in place in the holder and the wire terminal end is actually clamp the wire terminal ends tightly between the two nuts . It works much better now. The 20 amp breakers supply the current to operate the relays and the 30 amp breaker supply the heavy switched current. sensors control the fans when ever the master switch is on and the switch on the dash can turn on the fans to test and to get a head start on foreseen circumstances.
Mike H
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